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more times than i can remember. andrew breitbart died of natural causes causes in los angeles early thursday. he was a wonderful, glorious maniac. and i still think this might be a hoax. i do, i really do. he was just 43. to me though it is like a fiery planet going dark. his last wish for "red eye" i hear was not to have pinch at the table. so we had the newspaper removed. let's welcome our remaining guests. i am here with kurt loder and columnist and author, tv's andy levy. he still wanted the title. bill schulz who will not be my repulsive sidekick. and next to me is michigan congressman thadius mcconnor who should have been our next presidential nominee, but he failed. just kidding. anne, i go to you first. i wouldn't have met you if it wasn't for andrew breitbart. he introduced you to me trying to convince you to do this show. by the way, this show would not exist without breitbart. it was him who talked to fox to get this show -- or to get me a job. i was living in england and he talked to people at fox. i met with the people at fox and the next thing it was "red eye" and ever
night. good luck. >> welcome to the young turks. andrew breitbart has passed away. we're going to look into his legacy for better or for worse. >> animals you're freaks and animals. >> two very different perspectives today. we will have the former head of acorn to talk about andrew breitbart, but also one of his top deputies will be on the show to talk about his legacy, so both sides. >> remember how we had sandra fluke on the show? here's what rush limbaugh said about her. >> she's a slut. she wants to be paid about sex. >> i can't wait to rip into rush on that. he said even things that are worse than that. we'll show you that later in the program, and also has president obama lost his mojo with young voters. >> i don't have any feelings about him really, i don't know. >> we talk about why he might have lost those young voters later in the program, as well. it's go time. >> there is no corporate control here, independent programming. >> all right welcome to the young turks. this morning, as i was reading the news, it popped up on twitter and everywhere else that andrew breitbart passe
're not taking it anymore. >> we have an obligation to fight back. >> the media said breitbart lies. breitbart lies. give me an example of a proven lie? one. >> i'm from los angeles. i have never claimed to be that deep. i kind of would describe myself, kind of describe myself as holly goes lightly with a gut. >> there are two paths. one is america. and the other one is occupy. one is america, the other one is occupy. >> greg: andrew breitbart died this morning. 43. publicist, activator and commentator. that says nothing. he was a bar your. perhaps the most jovial warrior i've seen. the least angry guy i've ever met. though he embraced the battle for conservative principles, he did it with joy and humor. every action, opinion or motive came from a place of love. he loved his wonderful life. he loved his friends, he loved his crazy life and he loved america. everything he did he did because he thought it was right. for those who didn't know him, man, you missed out. even though who disliked the ideas, within five minutes of meeting him loved him. he was a big kid who treated the opponents like
silenced. publisher and activist andrew breitbart died overnight in los angeles, apparently of natural causes. adam housley looks at breitbart's life and legacy. >> everything has changed in the last few years. conservatives used to take it and we're not taking it anymore. [ applause ] >> reporter: andrew breitbart was a best-selling author and conservative crusadeer who took on the community activist group acorn and behind investigations that led to controversial firing of usda official shirley sherrod and the resignation of anthony weiner. anthony weiner came to his own defense minutes after the congressman admits he was the one who had not told the truth. >> everything i said so far has come to be true. the media says breitbart lies, breitbart lies, breitbart lies, breitbart lies. give me one example of a provable lie. one. one. journalists, one. put your reputation on the line here. one provable lie. >> breitbart helped change the way we know social media and the news. websites he either started or ran until his death reach about 20 million different people every day. site like big
will continue to speak out. >> anne thompson, thanks for your reporting tonight. >>> andrew breitbart died overnight in southern california. he collapsed while out for a walk. the first time a lot of americans ever saw that surname was on the web. when searching an article, it was often direct us to a place called breitbart. that was just the start of what became an aggressive media empire of sorts. tonight, nbc's andrea mitchell has a look back at its namesake. >> reporter: andrew breitbart was the shooting star of the conservative blogosphere. a one-time entertainment writer who worked for both arianna huffington and matt drudge, only two nights ago, he was analyzing the michigan results. >> i would argue that he missed an opportunity. >> reporter: today, he was mourned by the republican candidates. >> it's a big shock. what a powerful force. >> reporter: mitt romney tweeted that he and his wife were deeply saddened by the passing of a brilliant entrepreneur, fearless conservative, loving husband and father. breitbart who called senator ted kennedy a villain and worse when he died called
of conservative blogger and activist, andrew breitbart at the age of 43. >> the media says breitbart lies, breitbart lies, breitbart lies. give me one example of a provable lie. one. on one. >> he was a lightning rod for breaking the anthony weiner twitter scandal and for his undercover video investigations into the community group a.c.o.r.n. the political world today reacting to that sudden death. >> oh, i'm crestfallen. i mean, that's horrible. >>> and two more americans are killed in the fallout. the accidental burning of korans. my interview with the american nato commander and the top u.s. diplomat in charge of the war and in charge of making peace. >>> and live in new hampshire, minutes from now, president obama will be speaking at a community college in nashua. does that make him a snob? >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell, live in washington. in our daily fix, moments ago, senate democrats defeated the blunt amendment, which would have allowed employers to be exempted from a requirement providing contraception coverage if they claimed personal religious objections or moral objection
are only one day removed from the tragic death of our friend andrew breitbart. as his colleagues, friends and family all come together to remember his legacy, sadly there are those on the left who have refused to allow all of us the time to grieve and, instead, taken the internet and have attempted to smear the conservative new media pioneer. that includes left wing writer mike taibbi. with rolling stone magazine. hours after news of andrew's death he released a disgusting column that reads, quote: so andrew breitbart is dead. now here is what i have to say to that and i'm sure breitbart himself would have respected this reaction. good. blank him. i couldn't have been happier. is he dead. joining me now with reaction somebody who was very close to andrew columnist the one and only ann coulter. ann, i know you were very close to andrew. i knew andrew really well. i don't think, you know, i find this amazing this double standard that exists where if a conservative says anything about a liberal, hyper sensitivity, selective phony moral outrage. liberals will say this and they will get away
for us here at cnn but it was a huge story nationally and really was a scar in andrew breitbart, the fact that those clips were edited and released. she had to leave her job and of course that wasn't great for andrew breitbart. let's take a look at the statement that has been put out by the president of his company. breitbart confirming his death. a terrible feeling of pap and loss. we announce the passing of andrew breitbart. this is going to be something that is going to reverberate throughout the blog sphere throughout the day and throughout the conservative movement. andrew breitbart was very influential in republican politics. >> we will stay on the story, bring you details as we get them. we'll be right back. and annoyi. at e-trade, our free easy-to-use online tools and experienced retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan. and with our no annual fee iras and a wide range of low cost investments, you can execute the plan you want at a low cost. so meet with us, or go to for a great retirement plan with low cost investments. ♪ and making the tom cat f
to the podium mr. andrew breitbart. >> he investigated coverups and controversy. >> we tried to play nice with you and nice is over. >> shepard: now, questions about what killed andrew breitbart and reaction from his friends. and his critics. even more new fees from one of the nation's biggest banks. tonight, how bank of america is trying to collect more cash from its customers. the other big banks that are taking similar steps and what you can do to avoid paying up. plus, battle over birth control. >> i think it's important for us to win this issue. >> shepard: republicans trying to reverse a policy on insurance coverage and contraception. but opponents say their plan goes too far. >> it would allow any employer or insured to deny coverage for virtually any treatment for virtually any reason. >> shepard: we have the results of the showdown vote and what it all means for the future of the fight. but, first from fox this thursday night, live from miami tonight, gunmen in afghanistan have killed more than -- two more american troops. that means attackers have now murdered six americans amid
on the internet, and the rumor mill kicked into high gear in c-pac when andrew breitbart said this. >> i have videos, by the way. this election we are going to send him. i have videos. this election, we are going to vet him from his college days to show you -- [cheering] why -- to show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008. the videos are going to come out. the narrative is going to come out. >>r. >> caller: sadly andrew breitbart is not here tonight to help us unveil this video. but thanks to his hard work, we are able to show you the following. let's go back to 1991 when barack obama was president of the harvard law review. during that same year, obama spoke in a protest, in support of a controversial professor, derek bell. we will dig into the late professor's controversial views. but first, let's take a look at a very rare piece of video. this is an edited portion of the future president's introduction of bell that was released earlier today. >> the black law student who is organize an orientation for the first-year students. a lot
, andrew breitbart. >> everything has change in the last few years. conservatives used to take it and we are not taking it anymore. >> the gig is up. we have figured you out. you are not on the american team. you are on the progressive team. >> has lied every step of the way. the press should be quite worried about the fact that truth tellers and journalists are -- are being attacked. >> what a huge loss. for the country and certainly for the conservative movement. there has been a concerted effort to try to portray the tea party as a toxic body of water. and the mainstream media abides by a concerted attack to call those people traitors to their cause. i am going to stand up to those bullies. >> breitbart was outside himself in all of his quests. >> he was also a grateful guy and very thoughtful. >> i don't know why i decided to make my career trying to destroy the institutional left. i thought that would be a fun thing to do and would look good on a resume. >> you want to save the world? >> i do. it is not just me, it's a citizen/journalism revolution. i am trying to be the pied-piper.
news and some sad news out of california. andrew breitbart is dead at the age of 43. a man who has made his mark over the last few years in a more public way with several stories written published, broadcast how washington works and abuses on behalf of the federal government. he leaves behind a wife and four young children. said to have died of natural causes late last night near his home or in his home rather near los angeles california. andrew breitbart made his mark alongwith matt drudge of "the drudge report" for several years before breaking off in a more independent capacity running several web sites out of his california office. jonah goldberg knows him well. with me now. this sure is a stunner, jonah. >> yeah. i was on five, 10 minutes ago, when i walk out and one of our producers what was breaking on the wires. i'm, i'm still a little stunned about it. andrew, i've known andrew for a dozen years. we were sort of, among the first guys out there on the web. we use, back in the old days of instant messenger we would talk, i don't know, five times a day back in the late '90s, back
going. >>> the tragic death of andrew breitbart, his controversial life and his tv appearance on the show two nights ago. >> just as herman cain was known as the 999 candidate, they made santorum the 666 candidate and worried about satan and all that far type of stuff. >> love him or loathe him, he always had something provocative to say and the people who knew him best pay their tributes. >>> and only in america, feel the need, the need for speed but not for a sequel. why do we need top gun 2? shouldn't hollywood leave some blockbusters alone? this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> the big story, politics, all lies on super tuesday with ten states across the country voting. this is rick santorum on his strategy for the big day. >> i said from the very beginning this is an episode of survivor. we just need to stay on the island, not get voted off, keep plugging, stay on message and have hopefully the grassroots of conservatives that support us and i think you are seeing that now. >> certainly stayed on message is ron paul. how long can he stay in the race? i will ask him in the p
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breitbart the conservative media activist has died at the age of 43. some call him a pioneer in conservative blogging. rebecca cooper is live. >> despite problems with this hard in the past year, andrew breitbart's friends say the death was completely unexpected. he collapsed near his los angeles home while out for a walk last night. news of his death has sent shock waves through washington. he was not a household name, but andrew breitbart was a well- known name in washington. >> it is shocking. what a powerful force. >> he made no apologies for his tactics. >> i promise to these people will go down eventually. that is basically what i do for a living. >> video he posted of acorn cost the group federal funding. it was him who posted the pictures of anthony wiener that he accidentally put on his twitter account. >> i want to hear the truth. quite frankly, i would like an apology for him being complacent in a blame the messenger strategy. >> -- complex it and they blame the messenger strategy. >> his last order post called one critic a putz. the route washington today, shocked that such a lar
a day huh? davy jones. andrew breitbart. bill: so sad. wife and four children growing up without a father. age 43. far too young for anyone to go. have a great day as best you can. martha: have a good day. the "happening now" starting right now folks. jon: good morning, i'm jon scott. jenna: hi, everybody i'm jenna lee. "happening now", more dangerous weather on the way as folks pick through what is left as deadly twisters go through several states. jon: key vote on health care mandate to require insurance coverage for birth he control. will employers get to opt out on moral ground? jenna: interesting question. he acts. he sings. he is law enforcement officer. i think he played basketball once or twice in his life. jon: couple good names. jenna: shaquille o'neal will be here with his size 23 shoes and talk about his work with the march of dimes. it is all "happening now.". >> that's what i thought. the ceiling tiles were coming down. i thought the i-beams would come down on us next. scary. don't want to do it again. >> it was terrifying. i had never been through anything like thi
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 277 (some duplicates have been removed)